The following Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the way we use your personal data, in compliance with the strict requirements of the privacy legislation, including N. 4624/2019 and the General Regulation on Data Protection EU 2016/679 (GKPD).

The person responsible for the processing of your personal data collected through this website is the company “KARIPIDOU IOANNA TOU GEORGIOU”, and Tax Identification Number 043474881 of the Tax Office. D ‘Thessaloniki and number GEMI: 059199304000, located in Thessaloniki, on Ag. Σοφίας 17.

The website will use your personal data in its capacity as Data Controller.

The company KARIPIDOU IOANNA TOU GEORGIOU (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) collects and keeps exclusively the personal data that you disclose to it by entering the requested personal information in the respective fields and / or your answers in the context of specific actions it carries out and you can participate voluntarily, and it is the minimum necessary for the proper operation of the website and the services it provides.


Cookies are pieces of information in the form of very small text, stored in the browser you use on your PC on your Smartphone & tablet (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc), helping the most efficient operation of our site. Cookies do not in any way cause harm to users’ computers or to the files stored on them. The information stored in cookies is used for identification & optimization purposes.


1) Necessary Cookies

They allow the execution of basic functions of the site, such as adding products to the cart, electronic payment and storing products in the wish-list. Without these absolutely necessary Cookies, the smooth operation of the e-shop is directly affected, but your personal navigation experience is also degraded, since basic e-commerce functions are under-functioning.

2) Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use the website. They allow us to see which pages they visit most often or show us if they have a problem navigating. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the visitor. All information collected by these cookies is aggregate and is used only to improve the operation of

3) Functionality cookies

These cookies “memorize” your preferences when you browse our site, so we can recommend the right products based on your needs. With these cookies you enjoy a personalized version of resulting in much easier to find what you are looking for.

4) Advertising cookies

These cookies are used to provide ads that are more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to send targeted advertising or promotions aimed at reducing bulk, unwanted and pointless advertising messages. At the same time, they help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

5) Cookies Analytics

They are a subset of the Cookies functionality and enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our site, so that we can continuously improve the experience we offer you.


Third-party vendors, including Google, may display company ads on Internet sites.

Third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to update, optimize and display ads based on the user’s previous visit to the website. may also use cookies from a previous visit to its website for repetitive marketing.

You can set your Browser to notify you every time before a cookie is downloaded and you decide to download or reject it. In this case, keep in mind that you may not be able to take full advantage of it. may use Google Analytics features for display advertising (e.g., repeat marketing, Google Display Network display reports, Doubleclick campaign manager integration, and demographic and interest reports).

Using them Ad settings , visitors can opt out of Google Analytics for display ads and customize Google Display Network ads.

Here are the opt-out options available Google Analytics for the web. complies with Google AdWords Interest Based Advertising Policy and the restrictions for sensitive categories and:

Uses repeat marketing with Google Analytics for online advertising. and third party vendors, including Google, use third-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to update, optimize and display ads, according to previous visits of some users to its website. and third-party vendors, including Google, use both third-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to make reports about how impressions of ads, other uses of advertising services and interactions with these ad impressions and advertising services are related to visits to the website. may use the data from the advertising based on Google interest or the data of a common third party (such as age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics.

We do not collect specific categories of your personal data (this includes your nationality, religion or beliefs, your sex life, your sexual preferences, your political views, your membership in trade unions, your health information and your biometric data, as well as criminal record data).

In the context of the obligation to safeguard and protect the information of its customers and partners, the “company” undertakes to protect and use in an appropriate manner the personal data collected either online from this website or through communication / cooperation with any third.

The “company” collects only the personal data provided voluntarily by our internet visitors, so that we can satisfy your respective requests, so that we can provide you with information about our products and services, by sending information material (letters, newsletter, etc. ) and to serve you in the best way. Where additional, optional information is sought, you will be notified at the time of collection.

This personal data falls into the following categories:

a) Identity data: include name, surname, title, etc. If you communicate with us through social media, the social media username may be included.

b) Contact details: include shipping address, delivery address, email address and telephone numbers.

c) Transaction data: include payment details from you and other details about the products you have purchased from us.

d) Technical data: includes your internet connection email address (IP address), your browser, your location, your operating system and other information about the device you use to visit the website.

e) Tracking data: include data that we or others collect through cookies and similar tracking technologies such as web beacons, pixels and mobile identifiers.

Skroutz service usage data
Our company, in order to be able to continuously evaluate and improve the quality of the services it provides to the consumer, uses the Skroutz Analytics service, which works with cookies. Through this service, if you have previously given your relevant consent through, usage statistics are safely communicated by us to Skroutz. The data received from our company through this service are covered by Privacy Policy as well as cookies policy of, at the end of which you can also revoke any of your consent.
In addition, we inform you that, if you have been led to our online store through and you make a purchase in us, data related to your specific market are safely communicated by us to Skroutz, in the framework of our commercial cooperation with Skroutz and your use of Skroutz services. The disclosure of these data by us is made through a cookie and is necessary for the financial liquidation of this commercial cooperation, which you may have used. Due to this necessity, the law allows us not to ask for your consent to the disclosure of this data. More information can be found at Privacy Policy as well as cookies policy of

The collection of personal data takes place only if you voluntarily choose to provide it, for example, live or if you contact by email or if you register as a customer of the products and services of the “company” or if you participate in various actions / competitions on social media and / or as users of

The use of the products and services provided by, including the provision of online ordering services of our products and services, requires the possibility of communicating with you. Therefore, it is necessary during your registration on the website to state the true personal data that will be requested from you.

By registering for the services provided by you also consent to the storage and use of your personal data, in accordance with this Statement.

The purpose of the collection, use and processing of your personal data is:

(a) the provision of the services and products you request through the website, for the receipt of which their use and / or processing is required, e.g. Online orders, and the consequent implementation of contractual obligations, in the context of execution, delivery and invoicing of orders under the best conditions and in the most efficient way,

(b) the provision of personalized services and the facilitation of the ordering process, with the aim of facilitating the user and / or ensuring that the content of the website is presented in the most efficient way for you and your computer. The legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is your consent (Article 6 (1) (a) and Article 9 (2) (a) of the GDPR)

(c) in addition, but only with your voluntary consent which is the legal basis for processing pursuant to Article 6 (1) (a) of the GDPR Regulation: the promotion of the products and services of, and the receipt of advertising information material (direct marketing) by the “company”.

Your data may in any case be processed, even without your consent, for compliance with laws, regulations, EU law (Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR), for obtaining statistics regarding the use of the Website and its proper operation (Article 6 (1) (f) of the Regulation), and the securing or defending of legal claims in the interest of the company.

Personal data is entered into the company’s computer system in full compliance with data protection legislation, including security and confidentiality profiles, and is based on principles of good practice, legality and transparency regarding processing.

The data are stored for as long as is absolutely necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. In any case, the criterion used to determine this period is based on compliance with the deadlines set by law and the principles of data minimization, storage limitation and rational file management.

All your data will be processed in printed or automated media, ensuring in each case the appropriate level of security and confidentiality.

Your personal data is not used for purposes other than those described in the Declaration, unless we obtain your prior permission, or unless otherwise required or permitted by law.

The “company” collects “sensitive” personal data only when you voluntarily provide us with such data or when such data is required or their collection is permitted by law.

We advise you to refrain from providing sensitive data, unless required to do so for the purpose of providing personal data or if you hereby consent to the use of this data.

The “company” may ask you to provide some personal data to send informational messages about products and services and / or related offers and announcements. It may also ask your permission for certain uses of your personal data and you may either consent to or deny such uses. If you want specific services or communications, such as a newsletter, you will be able to unsubscribe from the relevant recipient list at any time by following the instructions contained in each communication. If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and / or information before we can process your request.

The Data is processed by electronic and manual means in accordance with the procedures and practices related to the aforementioned purposes and is accessible by the staff of the Controller who is authorized to process the Personal Data and the supervisors and in particular the employees belonging to the following categories: technical staff, IT staff and administrative staff, product managers, and other staff members who have to process the data in order to perform their duties.

The “company” does not transmit personal data to third parties.

In some cases, the “company” may share your personal data with various companies or service providers who work with it, in order to respond to your requests or to natural or legal persons entrusted with the execution of the processing, provided that we will notify you in advance and receive your prior consent. People who have access to the data are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of this data.

The data may also be communicated to countries outside the European Union (“Third Countries”): (a) institutions, authorities, public bodies for institutional purposes, (b) professionals, independent consultants – whether working individually or collectively – and others third parties and providers that provide the Data Processing Operator with commercial, professional or technical services required for the operation of the Website (eg provision of IT services and Cloud Computing) for the purposes mentioned above and for the support of the Company in the provision of and (c) to third parties in the event of mergers, acquisitions, transfers of undertakings or their subsidiaries, audits or other extraordinary operations.

The mentioned recipients receive only the necessary data for their respective functions and duly undertake their processing only for the purposes mentioned above and in accordance with the data protection laws. The Data may also be disclosed to other legal recipients specified from time to time by applicable laws. With the exception of the above, the Data will not be disclosed to third parties, natural or legal persons, who do not perform commercial, professional or technical duties for the Controller and will not be disseminated. The recipients of the data will process them, as the case may be, as Data Controllers, Processors or persons authorized to process the personal data for the purposes stated above and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

With regard to the transfer of data outside the EU, even in countries whose laws do not guarantee the same level of protection of personal data privacy as provided by EU law, the Data Controller informs that the transfer will in any case take place in accordance with with methods permitted by the GDPR, such as user consent, standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, selecting parties to participate in international free movement of data programs or implemented in countries considered safe by the European Commission.

If you wish, you can request at any time to be informed about your personal data held by the “company”, their recipients, the purpose of keeping and processing them as well as their modification, correction or deletion, by sending a relevant electronic message to the address info@ from the email address you provided. You also have the right to review the personal data we hold and in general to exercise any right provided by law for the protection of personal data.

The personal data that you disclose to us through, either during your registration or at a later stage, are collected and used and processed in accordance with the applicable provisions on personal data protection. and specifically, according to the provisions of N. 4624/2019, as in force but also of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on personal data protection.

You maintain, at your request, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15 – 22 of the GDPR:

  • Right to information about the personal data we hold about you.
  • Right to correct your personal data.
  • Right to complete your personal data, provided that this data is necessary for the purposes of processing your data.
  • Right to delete your personal data. Some data will only be deleted after a specified retention period, for example because in some cases we are required by law to retain the data, or because the data is required to meet our contractual obligations to you.
  • Right to seize your personal data: in certain cases provided by law, we will seize your data if you request it. Further processing of bound data is done only to a very limited extent.
  • Right to withdraw your consent, which can be done at any time.
  • Right to object to the processing of your data.

You may at any time object to the processing of your personal data in the future if we process your data on the basis of one of the legal justifications provided for in Article 6 §§ 1e) and 1f) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. If you object, we will stop processing your data, provided there are no legitimate grounds for further processing. Processing your data for advertising purposes is not a legitimate reason.

The “company” applies specific technical and organizational security procedures in order to protect personal data and information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. Our partners who support us in the operation of the website and the digital infrastructure, also comply with these provisions. The company has ensured the compliance of the cooperating companies in the GDPR policy and is not responsible for any wrongdoing by them on personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website defined above. Although the Website may contain links to other websites (known as third party websites), we inform you that the company does not have access to or use any cookie tracking systems, web beacons or other user tracking technologies that may be active on third party websites. , the content and material published on them or in the methods of processing your personal data. For this reason, the company expressly disclaims any responsibility for such matters. Therefore, you should verify the privacy policies of such third party websites and collect information about the terms and conditions and how your personal data is processed.

Pursuant to Article 5 (1) (c) of the GDPR Regulation, the computers and software used by the company are set up in such a way as to minimize the use of personal data and identification data. This data is processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this Policy and will be stored for as long as is strictly necessary to achieve the specific objectives pursued. In any case, the criterion used to determine the storage period is based on compliance with the deadlines allowed by law and the principles of data minimization, storage limitation or rational management of our files.

According to the General Regulation of Personal Data, the “company” undertakes to resolve complaints or grievances regarding the collection or use of personal data.

If you wish to report any complaints, you can send an e-mail to from the email address you provided.

In case you consider that the protection of your personal data is affected in any way, you can appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority, Kifissias 1-3, t.k. 115 23, Αθήνα,

The “company” reserves the right to modify or periodically revise this Statement, at its sole discretion. In the event of any changes, the “company” will record the date of modification or revision in this Statement and the updated Statement will be valid for you from that date. We encourage you to periodically review this Statement to see if there are any changes to the way we handle your personal data.

Last Updated: January 2021